Dining at Lindos:

Melenos Lindos is more than just an accommodation arrangement. Our passion to host guests in our Lindos home takes us far beyond. We know what our guests need from the moment they walk in and shape ourselves to be that for them. As we take care of you during your stay, we are also excited to provide you with a memorable culinary adventure that leaves you fulfilled. We gladly welcome guests of the Melenos Lindos hotel as well as other visitors to Rhodes to partake in an exceptional dining experience when dining at our Lindos restaurant.  

Our highly qualified chefs have imagination and enthusiasm along with a diverse approach to their menus that sets them apart from any others, and makes them sensational artists of the kitchen. Diners will find that our culinary team creates dishes with respect to their Greek tradition and the inclusion of the aromatic influence coming from Asia Minor. By utilizing fresh ingredients, our chefs create true culinary masterpieces that tickle and satisfy the culinary palate of guests and visitors dining at our restaurant in Lindos.
Many of the ingredients that are used in our seasonal dishes are home-grown, while others are fresh and of high-quality. Always excited to provide our Lindos restaurant diners with a culinary experience, our chefs are ever ready to try new combinations of these ingredients and flavors to widen their already impressive repertoire. The Melenos Food & Beverage team that focus their creativity and passion in our Lindos restaurant, therefore, have the professional capacity to execute a wide range of catering challenges. Our team is prepared, eager, and excited to work with guests for a variety of functions and special events, creating special menus when necessary, while utilizing enchanting aspects of Greek cuisine. Guests dining at this luxury Hotel Lindos restaurant have the opportunity to have a culinary experience that transcends the sublime, tasting cuisine that defies expectations, and basking in the atmosphere and ambience characterized by the impressive location on the flanks of the acropolis.

A world of mouthwatering flavors. An ambience of pure island chic. You can find it all at our hotel Lindos restaurant.


The "Melenos" Roof Top Dining Experience


Our Melenos Roof Top Dining is a Lindos restaurant unlike any other. This outdoor restaurant is the perfect location to enjoy a thoughtfully created meal that pays respect to the traditions of Greek cuisine while using fresh ingredients that leave each of our dining guests impressed and satisfied. The exotic atmosphere created by the medieval style tents complement the spectacular view of the Aegean Sea. Each thought that went into the design of our Lindos restaurant was intentional, from the decorative pebble mosaic floor, to the dining furniture and lighting. The goal of our Melenos Lindos staff and our Food & Beverage team is to create a memorable, enchanting dining experience that introduces our guests to truly exceptional, freshly-made Greek cuisine.

Because our menu changes depending on the season, guests of our Lindos restaurant can expect to find inspired items that allow our chefs full range of creativity and artistry. Among the items included on our menu are a variety of salads, pastas, and seafood dishes that are created with the use of typical Greek ingredients. As you partake in a salad, starter, main course, and dessert, you’ll have the opportunity to take a seat as you are guided through a memorable journey of splendid taste and flavors.

If you’re searching for a dining experience that features unique cuisine and exceptional views of the lovely Lindos, our rooftop Lindos restaurant is a must try during your stay in Rhodes. Whether you’re staying with us at our Lindos hotel or are a visitor to Rhodes with different accommodations, our Melenos Lindos restaurant is ready to welcome you with arms wide open. Guests with special dietary requirements dining at our Lindos restaurant will find the possibility for other options that adhere to their dietary restrictions or preferences. Though our chefs typically adhere to traditions of Greek cuisine, special menus can be created in order to accommodate everyone we welcome to our restaurant.

The Hours for Our Lindos Roop-Top Restaurant are as Follows:

Breakfast: Served from 8.00 - 11:30
Lunch: 12.00 - 16.00
Dinner: 18.30 - 23.00

The "Fouli" indoor dining


Along with our rooftop restaurant that includes wonderful views of the Aegean Sea and Lindos Acropolis, is our comfortable dining room that allows guests a more private dining experience. Between seasons and beyond, this old arched dining room makes a very comfortable and exclusive refuge for guests of our Lindos restaurant. Set apart from the main venue, it offers an intimate, yet convivial atmosphere for a group of up to 35 guests. As with the Lindos rooftop restaurant, the Fouli indoor dining experience features the skill and creativity of our exceptional Food & Beverage team. Guests dining in this area of our Lindos restaurant can expect splendid service and an extraordinary meal that ignites the senses. Though the menu provided to guests dining in the Fouli indoor dining area changes depending on seasonally available ingredients, guests can expect to encounter a variety of dishes that pay respect to traditional Greek culinary culture. Among the delicious options one might find while dining at our Lindos restaurant are those made with fresh herbs, olive oil, steamed and grilled seafood dishes, and succulent cutlets served with a variety of fresh vegetables.

As with the outdoor dining experience, guests of the hotel as well as other visitors to Rhodes with alternative accommodations are welcome to join us at our restaurants. Guests with unique dietary restrictions or preferences will find the possibility to request special menus that respect those dietary restrictions.

The Hours for Our Lindos “Fouli” Indoor Restaurant are as Follows:

Breakfast: Served from 8.00 - 11:30
Lunch: 12.00 - 16.00
Dinner: 18.30 - 23.00

Utilizing Our Lindos Restaurant Dining Areas for Private Events

Our Lindos restaurant dining areas can also be booked for private use for small or larger groups. Because of the breathtaking view that can be enjoyed from the rooftop dining area of our Lindos restaurant and the intimate area that can be appreciated while dining in the Fouli indoor restaurant, each of these areas are a great choice to host a special event or celebrate a special occasion. Whether you have the desire to host a wedding reception, friendly gathering, family get-together, or even a corporate event, these beautifully designed spaces are a great choice that can leave you and your guests happy and at ease. Here at Melenos Lindos, we are a family and are therefore thrilled with the chance to host you and your family, providing a memorable experience that is everything you’re searching for.

Our coordinating staff at Melenos Lindos is available to assist with the organization and execution of any event at our Lindos restaurant, while working alongside our Food & Beverage team who will excitedly prepare a meal that takes you and your guests on a culinary adventure filled with exciting aspects of traditional Greek cuisine.

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