"To Fouli" Gift Shop


Along with the inspiring architecture and enchanting views that are waiting to be discovered at our luxury Lindos hotel home, are beautiful decorative objects with unique origins and splendid stories that add to the history and enliven the passion that is felt by our original host, Mr. Melenos. Though these objects find themselves at home throughout our hotel in Lindos, each has a special history that bring them to life and add a meaningful touch to the spaces they occupy. As we welcome you to join our Lindos family during your next holiday, you will witness a number of these valuable items around the Lindos hotel property, all a part of the private collection of owner, Michalis Melenos. Among the pieces that make up this collection of inspiring items are those of traditional Lindian woodwork, carefully designed ceramic panels, wrought-iron fittings, various lamps, lanterns, and mirror frames inlaid with mother of pearl, and beautifully patterned textiles.

It is our passion to be what our guests need in every aspect, and creating the right environment helps us make that happen. In order to facilitate the calming ambience that can make our guests feel right at home, we carefully place pieces throughout our Lindos hotel suites and common areas that add character, culture, and ornamentation. For those of you that focus special attention on those pieces, there is something special in store that will allow you to explore these decorative pieces even further. For those wanting to further admire the intriguing items that have origins in many exotic places of the world, the “To Fouli” gift shop is a must see while visiting the Melenos Lindos Hotel. These additional pieces waiting to be discovered in our Lindos hotel gift shop are a great way to take home a little piece of our paradise. Those guests sharing the same passion for collecting unique pieces from Greece, Turkey, Italy, Syria, and other enchanting world destinations, can find much satisfaction by exploring the many splendid items that can be found in our “To Fouli” gift shop.

“To Fouli,” meaning “Jasmine” is a favored aspect of our Lindos hotel and is a beloved treasure of our Melenos Lindos family. This unique, colorful gift shop plays host to a variety of decorative objects that are waiting to be discovered by guests from all over the world. Below are a few special items that can be found while taking a stroll through “To Fouli” at our Lindos hotel.

Lindian Woodwork
Lindian woodwork is a design aspect that characterizes each of our lovely suites. Additional pieces of this type of woodwork and other wood pieces are among the decorative objects that can be found while exploring the gift shop of our hotel in Lindos. Lindian woodwork represents the traditions of Lindos, Rhodes. It is crafted carefully with particular attention to detail. Those marvelling at the intricacies of this type of woodwork will notice that many of the details are a result of meticulous efforts that involve shaping each piece by hand.

Uzbekistan Textiles
Other spectacular pieces that can be found throughout our Lindos hotel property as well as in the “To Fouli” gift shop are textiles imported from various locations. Among the unique textiles are fabrics from Uzbekistan that were created with respect to the successful textile production that dates back to centuries before.

Handmade Ceramics with Greek and Turkish Origins
Hand-painted, handmade ceramics are another decorative object that guests can admire at our Lindos hotel. These ceramics, whether vases, platters, tureens, or other pottery pieces, can be adored for their complexity and fine attention to detail. Something interesting about our ceramics pieces are the different methods used to paint them. You’ll find that some pieces exhibit traditional geometric patterns while others exemplify the historical black figure and red figure techniques. In either case, the pottery has remained a captivating piece of culture and historical artifact that is characteristic of Greek tradition. The island of Rhodes is especially known for the contribution it has made to pottery and ceramics in Greek culture. The lively figures and geometric patterns that bring life and individuality to each piece are one of the many reasons that the potters of Rhodes have and continue to be recognized for their talents.

Wrought-Iron Lanterns from Morocco and Turkey
The innovative activity of ironwork has origins in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, and was utilized substantially by early civilizations in the 8th century B.C. The Hittites and Mycenaean Greeks were known for their use of iron as a way to equip their armies and create tools that would assist with numerous activities. The widespread availability of iron, however, led to its use for decoration and ornamentation. Among the intriguing items that can be found in the “To Fouli” gift shop at our Lindos hotel are those constructed of wrought-iron, created in part from the initial development of those early civilizations. Among the numerous objects carefully crafted from iron and coming from Greece, Turkey, and Morocco are door fittings, lanterns, and other light fixtures.

Upon arriving at Melenos Lindos, you’ll quickly notice that it’s more than just a place to lay your head at the end of the day. More than simply an accommodation, we are a home away from home that gladly shares pieces of our culture with those we welcome. Taking a stroll through our “To Fouli” gift shop while you allow us to welcome you to our Lindos hotel can give you a perfect glimpse of just that.

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