Melenos Lindos Hotel - Craftmanship


Discover inspiring architecture and incredible views at Melenos,
a Lindos luxury hotel in Rhodes that will allow you to let it all slip away.
The interiors and landscaping were under the direction of artist-designer Donald H. Green.


Designer's Note: ''Using the existing 17th century Lindian Mansions
as inspiration, I researched their masonry, carpentry, and decoration.
The unique blend of decorative architecture evolved from Byzantine,
Medieval, Arabic and Ottoman influences.


I had the collaboration of the few remaining Lindian craftsmen to
implement my adaptations of these traditional hand-crafted details:
carved sand-stone, intricate 'Katrani' cedar woodwork, and mosaics

of pebble paving. 


Many months were spent painting the decorative wood ceilings.

In collaboration with a Turkish studio I created the series of Ottoman,
Iznik-style ceramic panels made especially for the bathrooms and
terrace fountains. 


We used other workshops in Turkey, and Morocco to execute my
designs for wrought-iron fittings, lights and mirror frames inlaid with
mother of pearl''


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Melenos Lindos

Some Suites incorporate old Turkish woodwork.