Location & History


Over the centuries Lindos has remained a centre of activity

through trade and as an important place of pilgrimage.

Two natural harbours flank a massive outcrop of rock which

dominates the landscape. The outcrop is topped by a fortified
acropolis, the site of the Temple to Athena which attained its

present form in 300 BC. 


Many invading forces have vied for strategic control of the

Island for centuries and have left their mark: the foremost being

the Romans, Byzantines, Knights of St John, then the Ottomans

who took control of the island in 1523.


By the beginning of the 17th  century the continuing prosperity

of Lindos as a trading port had evolved a unique architectural

style-- our  inspiration for boutique hotel Melenos-Lindos.

Melenos Lindos

A daunting entry to the medieval tower
which leads to the Lindos Acropolis.
Drawing by Donald H Green