The Hotel

The Melenos-Lindos hotel has a spectacular setting of nature and
history for its distinctive accommodation: it nestles within the high
rocky flank of the ancient Lindos Acropolis and offers a panorama

of the Aegean Sea and distant coastline.


Blending with the heritage village style, the hotel's white-washed

and sandstone buildings containing the twelve suites and public areas,
branch off a central stairway, giving the appearance of  --

a village within a village.


Adapting the early 17th century Lindian architecture, the venue is
uniquely enriched with an array of detail throughout hand carved stone
facades, elaborate carved woodwork, hand-painted ceramics, as well as
decorative painted ceilings.


Massive stone walls support the guests' private terraces paved with
pebble mosaics. Gardens with bougainvillea, frangipani, lavender and
jasmine, complete the sensuous and sophisticated setting.


A  village  within a village

Melenos Lindos

A bird's eye view of the hotel.
Drawing by Donald H Green