A Bit About What It Took To Make Our Dream A Reality…

Discover inspiring architecture and incredible views at Melenos, a Lindos luxury hotel in Rhodes that will allow you to let it all slip away. The interiors and landscaping were under the direction of artist-designer Donald H. Green.

Designer's Note: ''Using the existing 17th century Lindian Mansions as inspiration, I researched their masonry, carpentry, and decoration. The unique blend of decorative architecture evolved from Byzantine, Medieval, Arabic and Ottoman influences.I had the collaboration of the few remaining Lindian craftsmen to implement my adaptations of these traditional hand-crafted details: carved sand-stone, intricate 'Katrani' cedar woodwork, and mosaics of pebble paving.

Many months were spent painting the decorative wood ceilings.In collaboration with a Turkish studio I created the series of Ottoman, Iznik-style ceramic panels made especially for the bathrooms and terrace fountains. We used other workshops in Turkey, and Morocco to execute my designs for wrought-iron fittings, lights and mirror frames inlaid with mother of pearl'' - DHG

As a guest of our Melenos Lindos family, there are ample opportunities to bask in the creative vision of our founder and designer. Witness the artistic passion and experience the warmth that, to this day, is so vibrant in our founder and Melenos family. Highlighted below are some of our favorite visual and design elements that are tailored to give you a true sense of our home in Rhodes from the moment you walk in until the moment you leave.


During your stay, revel in the unique, beautifully-detailed Lindian woodwork that fills the suites  of this Lindos hotel. This Lindian carpentry pays tribute to the creative vision of the designer and his inspiration. This complex woodwork, influenced by the previously mentioned 17th century Lindian mansions, is renowned for its exceptional beauty, with many pieces being shaped only by hand and with a special consideration to detail. These Lindian pieces, as pictured above in one of our larger suites, bring a special, warm touch to each of the rooms in the Melenos Lindos Hotel, allowing each of our guests to feel comfortable and at home from the moment they begin their stay with us.


The delightfulness of your stay at the Melenos Lindos Hotel can only be complemented by the unique stone carvings and stone work that occupy the visible framework of the building. This can be seen when taking in the stunning facades, motifs, and paving while strolling the grounds and discovering the beautiful qualities that set it apart from any other Lindos hotel. Throughout the building process, two teams put forward distinguished effort to create the stunning stone work and carvings that you can find throughout this hotel Lindos. One team in particular worked with locally quarried sand-stone for facades, carved traditional motifs, and steps, while another team utilized recycled marble bedrock for retaining the walls and paving.


A stay at our Lindos hotel is no ordinary holiday. It is an opportunity to get away, to experience and witness beauty. The decorative objects that enrich the interior design of our beloved Lindos hotel are just a few of the many things you can find at our hotel that will remind you of just that. Many of these decorative objects that can be found throughout the living and lounging areas, as well as the suites, have been sourced from Greece, Turkey, Uzbekistan, and Syria, each known for the inherent beauty of their raw materials and enchanting attention to detail. Every one of the decorative pieces is unique, made from metals, wood, ceramics, inlaid with mother-of-pearl, or embroidered. They are a sight to take pleasure in as we lovingly host you as a member of our Lindos family.


Another inspiring touch that adds character to each of our suites are the pieces of hand-forged metal that can be seen throughout. Our devoted family as well as those we warmly welcome to the Melenos Lindos Hotel delight in these pieces originating in Greece, Turkey, and Morocco. Whether an iron lantern, brass ceiling lamp, or iron door fitting, each of the hand-forged pieces fit well with the design of each of the rooms, creating a unique atmosphere that we’re sure our guests have been thirsting for. The beautiful metal work that accents each area and space of our dear Melenos Lindos hotel highlights the creativity of the beloved designer, while working well to create that lovely harmonious atmosphere that reminds guests of the true meaning of a restorative, relaxing holiday.


While taking a moment everyday to do nothing but marvel at the ancient, serene view of Lindos and the nearby Lindos acropolis, guests can also appreciate the intricate ceramic tile panels that make up the bathrooms and fountains found throughout the rooms and terraces of the Lindos hotel. The beauty of these tiles is enhanced by the ample amounts of time and research that went into their production. To create these mesmerizing, beautifully-painted, large, individual, Iznik-style ceramic wall panels, it took the designer more than six months of research and execution in Turkey. This passion and patience has carried over to their installation and incorporation in the enchanting structures of our Lindos home.


Complementing the pieces of hand-forged, handmade objects that bring color and vibrancy to our Lindos hotel are the breathtaking painted ceilings that can be beheld in our suites, as pictured above. The incorporation of painted ceilings in Greek architecture dates back to centuries ago, and are thus a traditional characteristic of our suites that fit in well with the other accent pieces at our Lindos hotel. The exceptional, intricate motifs of floral design, birds, and geometrics that you’ll find occupying the ceiling spaces are a combination of stencil work and hand painting which took fourteen months to complete.


Those joining our family at our Melenos Lindos Hotel also have the opportunity to revel in the mosaics of pebble paving that can be seen on the Lindos hotel terraces, balconies, and other outdoor areas. The creative vision of these mosaic pavings was brought to life with the gathering of red, black, and white pebbles from nearby beaches. These pebbles attest to the beauty of the nature that fills and surrounds Lindos, all of which can be enjoyed and explored during your Rhodes getaway. After being collected, the pebbles were laid with speed and dexterity, one by one, by teams of up to eight people. The hand-laid pebble work pays compliment to the accompanying hand-wrought details of our hotel in Lindos.