A Bit About What It Took To Make Our Dream A Reality…

Discover inspiring architecture and incredible views at Melenos, a Lindos luxury hotel in Rhodes that will allow you to let it all slip away. The interiors and landscaping were under the direction of artist-designer Donald H. Green.

Designer's Note: ''Using the existing 17th century Lindian Mansions as inspiration, I researched their masonry, carpentry, and decoration. The unique blend of decorative architecture evolved from Byzantine, Medieval, Arabic and Ottoman influences.I had the collaboration of the few remaining Lindian craftsmen to implement my adaptations of these traditional hand-crafted details: carved sand-stone, intricate 'Katrani' cedar woodwork, and mosaics of pebble paving.

Many months were spent painting the decorative wood ceilings.In collaboration with a Turkish studio I created the series of Ottoman, Iznik-style ceramic panels made especially for the bathrooms and terrace fountains. We used other workshops in Turkey, and Morocco to execute my designs for wrought-iron fittings, lights and mirror frames inlaid with mother of pearl'' - DHG

As a guest of our Melenos Lindos family, there are ample opportunities to bask in the creative vision of our founder and designer. Witness the artistic passion and experience the warmth that, to this day, is so vibrant in our founder and Melenos family. Highlighted below are some of our favorite visual and design elements that are tailored to give you a true sense of our home in Rhodes from the moment you walk in until the moment you leave.

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