We are delighted to introduce you to


The ideal beauty spot on the island of Rhodes,

where we anticipate that your wedding day will become the most

memorable moment of your lives.

Imagine the day

…. and we will make it happen


Coordination of your wedding

Whether you like to have a civil wedding, a symbolic ceremony or an Orthodox wedding we can arrange this in every little detail.

You will receive a detailed up-coming months schedule and costing sheet outlining all

Important deadlines to remember throughout the planning process.

Upon arrival in Rhodes, you will be introduced to your wedding coordinator who

will help you with all final details of your ceremony and deliver your wedding day




The wedding group may be accommodated at the Melenos- Lindos on its spectacular position overlooking the Aegean. We suggest that additional guests may be housed at the Melenos Apartments and Studios which are situated in the heart of the village, a 10 minute walk away.


Legal requirements:

Our wedding planner will take over all the paperwork and will book your wedding at the register.

The wedding planner will handle all necessary arrangements regarding all services including

document filing, marriage license registration, government and administrative fees, so that you can enjoy a non-stressful wedding.


Wedding Day Coordination:

Your Melenos wedding- coordinator will work with you to help you organize tasks, plan your budget and assist you on creating a detailed itinerary of events to ensure you have a stress free day.

Your coordinator will be monitoring everything for you from the first day until the last minute of your journey.


Wedding Décor and style:

Using seasonal flowers from our rich garden or by arranging a special order from our florist partners, including bouquets and corsages, we may decorate the tables and the surroundings with elegancy and style for a memorable atmosphere.

We have an extensive and colorful collection of decorative items from which you can select for your wedding venue.

For those that will choose to have an orthodox ceremony we can arrange for :

Jordan almonds will be placed in an Antique silver tray on the ceremony table according to Greek tradition.

Wedding baskets carefully decorated offering rice and petals.

According to Greek tradition rice symbolizes prosperity and fertility..


Wedding menus:

Due to our location, our menus are based on Greek traditional kitchen with south Mediterranean influences as well as authentic local Lindian recipes which go from one generation to the other.

For guests who have special dietary preferences, follow specific diets, are vegetarians or have allergies of any kind, please let us know in advance and our Chefs will be more than happy to create specialized menus and cater accordingly in order to meet their individual needs.



We will be more than happy to provide official witnesses for you upon request.


Important additional wedding services:

  • Specific wedding reception details can be organized with our skilled Chef, according to your culinary preferences.
  • Enjoy a rehearsal dinner with your guests on Melenos terrace and help them immerse in the local culture and prepare themselves for your wedding day!
  • A pre wedding Cocktail party can be arranged to offer a warm welcoming to your friends and family
  • Candlelit dinner arrangements can also be made just for the two of you following the ceremony
  • Professional Photographer & Videographer services
  • Hair & Make up Artist for the bride and her guests
  • Reserve a private tour guide with our professional archaeologist and explore the most beautiful parts of the island
  • Book a private boat trip for you and your guests, sail away and experience the exotic hidden spots and beaches around Lindos
  • Arrangement of your transportation with private taxi, mini bus or by hire car
  • DJ or Live Greek traditional music can be arranged with our assistance ( available only for private villa bookings )
  • Theme Weddings
  • Donkies to transport the bride and the groom to the venue


and this is only the beginning of the rest of your life together..!


Please feel free to contact and speak to our weddings team for a full list of available
services to you and your guests according to your needs and budget.

Imagine the day and we will make it happen..